I was wandering why bacchu my freind didn’t come. He is my weed partner.But I needed weed very quickly. I didn’t thought that he would call, when my phone rang for the first time it was bacchu asking for a smoke battle with him. I rushed to him took him as a pillion and ran towards our playground. On the road there was lying a rattle snake i took a slight cut and ran like hell. We reached the playground question in our mind saying “he was not cut right”!. He made the stuff we call it chillim and gave big round of smoke over the air. After a hour we decided to stop,

Made a short phoot shoot on a new function called long exposure, its mostly is popular among the ” DSLR”s but very uncommon on cell phones / android devices.If it supports on your device your normally go to camera,=>select=>pro mode/expert mode. Set the things in manner I am saying iso 800,focus infinity, exposure 0.0,and time 16 sec. You can add the timer mode because you will need it. Now just put the phone in a steady form or you can use your sleepers while clicking the photograph click the button and leave it for 16 secs, and take a burning icense stick and move it in air front of the camera and draw what you wanted to be printed on you camera screen now wait and see the magic. We ended our meet.

And was parking my bikes.when i notice for the first time in 5th of my purchase of my bike that it was lighter than brothers honda hornet. I heared the sound of the engine with my heart full thinking that yes oviously this was the bike i always wanted.. Why I was complaining the bike..

So, this is a blogg about what a person in dizzyness after having a round of weed was thinking,and he is never going remember and feel it again after this round comes down.

So guys hope you enjoyed it do comment if like or dislike this blog.if you like it i will continue writing these type of blogs. Cheers



“Well this my first blog on wordpress hope you like it.”

Riding for myself and to pour my soul with thrill is the only reason for my biking.

Hello, I am Subhendu Singh, also called LONEWOLF ALPHA . buisnessman by occupation and rider by nature, I always wanted to become a engineer more than a buisnessman but with twist in the natures mind made me do and listen to my own.well,it didn’t go so bad i thought about, it gave my dreams a new way, a new spotlight for lifetime. I just take holidays whenever i want to touch the sky,and day by day it has became my addiction resulting a fresh mind after every single Ride I make.

The best feeling when I ride is the rich composition of stabilized and condemned stress.the feeling is just wow. You just want to hit higher and higher kilometers without turning back.

I started riding when I was 15, and in my business i have travel a lot to earn. So since the traveling became my daily routine it was now easy to go on a longer routes i use to think about.few Years back I was searching for a right partner to ride along. I use to think that we should have a good motorcycle having a big growling engine which will cover higher distance in less time,and second that we should always ride with someone who is really popular among everyone. Well it all ended when every rider i knew were going on a trip, and i too wanted to join them as i bought a new motorcycle HONDA DREAM YUGA 110cc. I was sure that my new motorcycle will not going to trouble much on long routes, but all my thoughts washed away when i asked the group admin for taking me on the trip, he said that i was having a smaller engine capacity for the trip and I will not be able to coupe up with them. My heart satrted crying inside and i was blaming myself for that motorcycle i bought. But i would like thank that person for whom i decided that,no matter what ever i am riding i will prove that engine capacity is not the only thing which we should depend on. All it takes to ride high is the courageous heart to take that in mind that you are doing right and no matter what ever it takes I will never Iet myself down.

In 2015 I got that partner who was having just the same thinking i was having. She was girl and to test her skills i gave her a challenge to ride 360 kms which contained night rides as well, she passed my challenge with full marks and that was the time to plan a trip.

My partner in crime, crazy lil girl riya roy

In 2016 i started riding but i decided to give the rides a twist.

I rode to sikkim 650 kms from hometown and then to dargeeling in the same trip and back home and all these places on a 113cc gear scooter yamaha 

The second trip i rode was for wranglers true wanderer also on my yamaha ray z was to chikmagalur (karnataka) via kharagpur(wb)-balasore(odissa)-Bhubaneswar(od)-vizag(AP)-vishakapatam(AP)-rajahmundry(AP)-Tirupati(AP)-Bangalore(ka)-shivamoga(ka)-chitradurg(maharastra border)-agumbe- kudremukha-chikmagaluru.

Agumbe jungle karnataka

It was an endurance ride which I had got a limited time of 8 days for 4700 kilometers i rode through the plains and mighty higways,crossing west bengal,oddissa, andhrapradesh and karnataka. In that trip I got to see different cultures from each and every pit stop I made. I ripped down the forest of Agumbe(Karnataka) also known as land of the king cobras. I went to mulayengiri peak which is the highest peak in karnataka and all these in that 8 days.While i was moving to home I met a massive ferocious cyclone and it got more furious as time was passing by but it too couldn’t stop me to ride back home it was a problem riding in that cyclone as well it a night ride, the potholes on way takes time to drop you down from those tiny wheels. In that ride learnt a lot about roads link roads bad weather,and precautions you should take before you ride.

I finished my ride but wasn’t still well enough from inside i thought that someting was missing and i think I took a wrong decision of timing and place, i learnt that we should always search more more facts and weather conditions about the place we are going to travel a 100 times before we leave. I was not happy with my south trip and was depressed about endurance I did resulted 0.00.

 It was the month of july,when by betterhalf my girlfriend Riya who you know is my only Ride partner, decided to go to north east and this time she wanted to ride by herself. At first i didn’t wanted to ride any more this year but as it was my off season of my buisness i was having time but a short of cash to move further, but Riya said that she will manage the rest if it needs. 

So, everything was final and and this time we were going on 2 different category motorbikes a yamaha ray z gearless scooter and my honda dream yuga with no pillion all at our own.we started searching more and more googling all the time we were free cause this time i am not going waste my journey to nothing.

All set we are ready to leave just after 7 days,but on the fourth day left for the journey the plan changed and it changed to a massive turn. It was Now the dream ride i always thought about but didn’t expected this time and with those baby motorcycles. It was time to ride every bikers dream “THE KHARDUNGLA TOP”

Vijayawada, andhra pradesh

On 23rd august i started my journey on my honda dream yuga when, i was going through my motorcycle at morning before the ride and smiling and was still in a doubt that if i could really make it so far, the beautiful sunset in the river ganga was truely awesome,yes i reached varanasi before sunset. Driving through the water streams poured into the middle of the city was fun and happening. But i was really scared for my bike. After crossing varanasi next morning I can know truely believe that yes i can make it. Now second day agra and next delhi for one day and the journey continued to Ludhiana-jhalandar- pathankot- lakhanpur, lakhanpur was the place were your sim cards aren’t going to work anymore because as you enter jammu you do not get any response from any of the operator service. So better take a postpaid sim with jammu kashmir roaming pack loaded on it. From lakhanpur i continued my journey to ramban,my stay for that day, as srinagar was going under a curfew for 63 days,people over their were angry on our government and j&k police,they were thowing stones who ever was passing through srinagar main town.the decision was hard to make weather i should go through srinagar or take a bypass which was 250 km longer route than the current one. Early morning while i setting my bag a person came by and said that if you can cross srinagar by 9 am then it will be fine for us. We finally crossed srinagar and the mesmerizing beauty around the route took my breath for a second. I stopped riding very early that day because i crossed hardest level of the game that time, but beutiful sight of the nature give a twist in the morning I wasn’t ready for, the zozilla pass,it was fun crossing those wet and slushy paddled roads,and crossing it my next stoppage was kargil And then leh , 40kms left for my dream come true. Leh was fun as it was truely a amazing place and i could settle there for the whole year.

The Taj mahal agra
Entering jammu
Heaven on earth Sonemarg

Next day early morning we started our ride a little late as it was snowing over there. After crossing 22 kms our bikes started troubling as there was no oxygen at all, I remember i had to pull my bike at full trottle at first gear all the rest left journey to the Worlds highest motorable road khardungla. I hardly remembered the time when my bike crossed the speed of 30 kmph at his full throttle. It took time to reach there but I did it, ireached the worlds highest motorable road on a 110cc motorcycle. The happiest moment ever. 

Pathankot, punjab
Youngest girl riding the largest stretch of 7states and 7 thousand km solo to khardungla top which is highest motorable point in the world.
110 cc honda dream yuga on top of the world.
Magnetic hill “kashmir”
Keylong himachal pradesh
Leh manali highway

Roads, bad roads, no roads.


We took the leh manali highway then to chandigarh and back to nh2 delhi kolkata road. 15 days 7 states and 7000 kms done.on those baby motorcycles. This is a short message To all my fellow friends dont think about what you are riding today just think about where are you going to ride today.

These are some of tips may help you while touring to a longer distances and How to stay safe on Indian roads?
Be extra vigilant when driving alone on a road. The best way is to follow another car or your partner at a safe distance.

Reduce speed on unknown roads, a huge pothole or a speed bumper may show up suddenly, driving at a slower speed gives you more time to react.

Keep an eye on diversions. Most of the highways go through repair work late at night to cause minimum interference to the traffic.

Check for animals like cows resting in the middle of the road. They are pretty big, and can cause huge damage to your bike and injure you.

Be aware of unmarked dividers. Such dividers are very difficult to spot during night if there are no street lights and can cause massive accidents.

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